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Shopify - Awakening the Cube

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Your Cube and your relationship to it is a bond that will grow with you from the day you acquire it to the day you leave this world. Metal, as you know records and holds data better than any other material. Do you know where we're going with this yet? 

Did you know that you can communicate to yourself both forward and backward on the timeline via the Cube? You can also communicate across alternative timelines, particularly the ones in which you possess a Cube. 

Being that the possibility is there, what do you suppose the odds are that you could be Time-Stepping with your Cube from the future, where you've advanced yourself to assist in stitching together your own awakening? 

In Awakening The Cube you'll learn: 

  • How to increase the value of your Cube and make it even more powerful
  • Techniques for infusing the cube with your consciousness
  • A simple but brilliant practice for using the cube to enter a zen state of mind that will slow your mind and quiet the babbler by up to 80%. 
  • Pro tips for housing your Cube and a ritualistic treatment for it. 
  • Pulling data from parallel lives where you also have the Cube. 
  • Use your cube for Time Stepping
  • Use your Cube like a Mage and learn various ways of connecting to it, doing energy movements with it, and other techniques which are in some ways similar to a mala bead meditation. 

"There is an emotional Mandela also in the cube that is effected and released just by doing what I said." - EJP

September 2017, Duration: 2 hours 28 minutes