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"Your Siddhis Cube is sacred, it is your temple. We don't have a church to go to, or an ashram, we have a Cube to go to." ~ Eric Pepin

So much is included in this Cube retreat that was recorded at an in-person event at the Vimy House in Granada Hills California, in November of 2012. This is the only physical retreat that was ever done centered almost solely around the Cubes. It includes a recorded Cube Dreamscape session which Eric performed live. (Audio quality is not great but still very powerful, Eric's guidance is incredibly impactful and moving during this recorded session).


Some of the things covered in this program include:

  • How to use the Cube to become an anomaly in the matrix
  • What is the operational level? 
  • How do ego and pride hold one back from having a bigger effect with their cube, and how does it keep one from entering enlightened states of being. 
  • Selfishness VS. Selflessness and how the Force factors in a form of exchange of proliferation when it is determining who it invests itself in and by how much. 
  • The importance of being aligned with the will of the Force
  • Eric introduces the concept of shaving versus taking chunks too big to be true when manifesting for yourself or another and what makes the matrix isolate and reset you. 
  • How to end the patterns of failure in your life, and what are the variables that cause it to manifest. 
  • Reality is held together by magnetism, the cubes are teaching devices for mastering reality
  • You have the power to affect other people's lives, how to use your Cube to do so in uniquely powerful ways 
  • It's always about 3's when it comes to influencing and manifesting reality, what is so powerful about having 3 or more people all inserting a program into reality at once? 
  • Clever strategies for manifestation success (How to work the variables)
  • Fading Technique, how do you fade a person away from your life
  • If you lose, sometimes you really win... "I'm constantly trying to lose, I'm constantly figuring out how can I lose... so I win..."



2012, Duration: 4 hours 10 minutes